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Torn Asunder: America Post 9/11


Torn Asunder (Video)

Conversation with Dave Puls, Jeffrey James Skatzka, Pedro Jarquin, and Bob Barancik (Audio)
Dave Puls is a director, animator, songwriter and musician. He has worked on six independent films through the CreativeLedge Studio, including Torn Asunder.

Jeffrey James Skatzka is a performance poet, actor and singer based in St. Petersburg/Tampa Bay. His work in The Purple Bubble has been used as the soundtrack for Torn Asunder.

Pedro Jarquin is a highly accomplished young poet and performance artist; and graduate of Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida. He provided lyrics and vocals as part of The Purple Burble for Bob Barancik’s acclaimed film Torn Asunder.

Bob Barancik is the founder and catalyst-in-residence of the CreativeLedge Web site, CreativeLedge Studio, and the CreativeShare gathering. His artwork features prominently in Torn Asunder.